English poetry and thoughts

September 22, 2009 at 1:35 pm (English poetry & thoughts)

Eagles fly…

eagles fly
no matter why
i still feel to say goodbye
tears keep falling down my face
you keep crawling to my feet
honestly i love you so
but you’ll have to let me go
let me leave and let me live
in you no more will i believe
i wish no more to relive
the days i shared
and now got scared
by you and you’re

selfish behaviour
so what you had
and treated so bad
you lost today

as eagles keep flyng away




Time goes by

With you hours could fly

Memouries go hy

Up in the great big sky

Day by day

And night by night

We laugh and talk

We joke and walk

Block by block

From parck to parck

And day by day

I’m more in love with u boy

You’re near at night

Right by my sight

When ever I need

To hear the beat

Of you’re heart

You’re by my sight

It’s a dangerous game

Cause without you nothing is the same

I’m afraide to lose you baby

When I think that maby

Our love is not what it seems to be

And I’m more in love with you boy

As days go by ….


Don’t realy know….

 Shure I realy miss u

Shure I’d love to kiss u

You bett I realy loved you

Of course I had to fight u

Cause you never listen

When I tried to whisper

Like a God damn cristian

Problems that made life heavier

For me…..

So our relationship dide’nt work

I had to think you were a dorck

You dident loved me same I did

And such a men I just don’t need

Now I don’t realy now

What you’re gonna do whithout

A women to chek you out

You know you’re like an 8 year kid

You cant support you’re self , you never did

And I know that you’re so low

But what you don’t know

Is that I’m better of on my own



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