The Sibyl…

September 10, 2010 at 7:38 pm (Short works)

The Sibyl ….

Once upun a lost long time, there was a magic forest where towsends of beautiful creatures and talking little birds were living , and all these in a nobel time, in a wolrd without sins and crimes, in an innocent country that wasn’t mine.

One happy morning Ciripel and Ciripina , two cute, happy and bold birdies were talking with joy.

–         Ciripel did you heard ? asked Ciripina.

–         What should I hear ? what happened…?

–         What do you mean, what happened Ciripel? The word has been spread in all the places. At the castle…a princess has been born.

–         A princess Ciripina ? are you serios ?

–         Yes Ciripel, I was sitting on the breanch of a trie with Dorothy, the woodpecker..she toled me and she showed her to me through the window  also …

–         That’s so nice…Ciripel said…how does she look like…

–         Well she’s so cute…she has red hair and beautiful blue eyes, and I heard her name is Ayiunyi.

–         But Ciripina…you know what does her birth mean right ?

–         No Ciripel could I know ?

–         Think…said Ciripel…

–         Hmm…let’s see …that she is going to marrie a prince ?

–         No …

–         That she will lose hear shoe ?

–         Hm…no

–         That she is going to sleep a 100 years….

–         No…keep trying

–         Awww…that she will have to kiss a frog ?

–         No…Ciripina, you are confusing the stories…

–         I don’t know Ciripel…I give up…you tell me.

–         It means that she is going to save the world…

–         Who toled you that ? asked Ciripina…

–         My father…you know he was a bird doctor…but he also liked to keep a secret historie of the place we live in.

–         Owww that’s so nice…tell me more…

–         You will find out soon enough and that being told he flied away …


20 years have past since the princess who is to become the Sibyl of her time, has come in this world.

She is a verry beautiful girl, her face has an angelic innocence that it’s hard to find and her peacefull eyes, look in a way that cut’s the gates of reality seeng somewhere beyond what the world appears to be.

A lot of princes wanted her as there wife..but her family decided finaly over one boy with who they insisted to marry her.

Ayiunyi,  diden’t worried or annoyed hersealf with the situation because somehow she knew that everything will turn out just fine. As days went by…the wedding day was close, but just the night before the weding princess Ayiunyi, had a dream that showed her exactly what to do. Her first dejavu tipe of dream…the first from what her life it’s going to be from now on.

Early in the morning of the verry next day,  just before the sun was rising, Ayiunyi left the castle to never return. The royal family saw hersealf helpless in front of these situation because not even with all the army that they had over command, they couldn’t find her.  The forest always took good care of her children, and Ayiunyi was to become in some ways one with the nature.

The prince that was to be her husbund in time found himself another wife and Ayiunyi…well Ayiunyi walked on foot for kilometers without being hungry, feeling tired or thirsty. And as she followed her dream….new abilities were showing up to her.

She got to a river with poisoned water and the animals were sitting nearby feeling thirsty. So she tried the water with her finger in an innocent kind of way and the water turned clean and healthy to be drinked and the animals were happy that they wont suffer of thirst no longer.

Ayiunyi was verry surprised hearsealf  about what just happened.

– you are the new Sibyl ? asked her a bunny…

Ayiunyi  smiled…she diden’t quite understood what the bunny asked her…but it seemed to her a funny thing and also imposible.

The next stop, going on her way, was two hours later at a poor house that was sheltering a sad man, wich wasn’t able to walk. Again in her innocence  she bend over him puting a hand over one of his knees, asking if she could help him with something…

–         no my dear…answered the poor man, but after she lef the man was able to walk again…and he told himself that she was the next Sibyl.

Walking forward Ayiunyi meet a child  who might of  missed his entire life because he diden’t had the trust  that every normal person has and that helps us in society. She took him by her side teaching him about life and opening his eyes about his own talents…so he stoped underestimating himself. They spend just a few days together, but for the kid these days have been verry important. The kid finaly remained in a village where a potter was neded, because making pots was his biggest talent.

At the end of these days, walking further through the forest she found a treasure, but Ayiunyi past right beside it without caring. Few hours after that, she found a sad family who’s house had been burned and they had no shealter now.  The princess explained to them where the treasure was, and they were so happy knowing that soon they will have a new home, because now they have enough money to build one.

Next, princess Ayiunyi found in her way another sad person. He was sad because he diden’t knew how to do good to someone. So she explained to the man that no matter what you do to help someone eals it’s a good thing to do…either if you give shealter and food to an animal, or if you give a good advice to someone that has problems or if you do something for the best of another…it’s a good thing.

Then the man promised that he will try, and these it’s verry important because at that time promises realy meant something.

After these last meating Ayiunyi walked until the next day  when she got in front of a cave at the beginning of a mountain. When she entered she found a poor arranged room like gallery and some moments away an old lady came frome the other part of the cave and asked her:

–         You must be Ayiunyi…the old lady spoke to her with love…

–         Yes mam’ …answered the girl.

–         Give me something to eat…I am so so hungry, the old lady told her.

Ayiuny  had to think a little before she remembered that she saw a trie with fruits    outside, but she went out to get some …and gave them to the lady.

–         The old lady received the fruits and smiled to her.

–         Do you know who am I …she asked her.

–         No mam’

–         Ayiunyi…I sent you that dream…

–         You did mam’

–         I did …yes, cause you see, it’s not easy being a Sibyl, but you have the gift and the soul that every Sibyl needs to be what she is.

–         I feel honoured mam’….

The old lady smiled…

The next three monts Ayiunyi became everything she had to be by what she had learn in all these time from the old lady.The old Sibyl died after these three monts but little before she died toled the princess …:

–         Ayiunyi …your life isn’t what you see in front of your eyes, it’s what you do to see….you already did everything you had to do in your way to me, now I confer you my job as a Sibyl of the forest with all the certaincy that it will  be  in good hands.

Ayiunyi received with glad the mission of the old Sibyl, she never returned to her family and the word about her wisdome has been spread all over the country. The only ones who knew who the Sibyl realy was, were of course Ciripel and Ciripina wich not even they know how comes that they are still alive.
The new Sibyl, lived her life doing good to the animals and the nature, but of course she also helped many poor people and rich in the same way,  who came to her for help.
A century later a little before Ayiunyi will celebrate 100 years as a Sibyl, a young  girl turned 20, those 20 years that the actual Sibyl had when she left home.

P.S. If i still have grammar errors please report them to me through a comment and please be exact. Thank you…


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